Chapter 45

August has been a month filled with birthdays! So here are some happy belated birthday shout-outs!
August 7th: Amanda. I absolutely love this girl!! Met her back in grade 10, and she is a such scream!! Happy belated 19th Beaner <3

August 8th: Jill. Jill is the sweetest girl you will ever meet!! Happy belated Jilly-Bean <3

August 14th: Derek. This guy is amazing!! My skype buddy :) Happy belated 18th my brown eyed bombshell

Last but not definitely NOT least. Today is the 20th birthday of my one of my bestest friends, Brigitte. She is so amazing, the perfect friend. Lets me vent, makes me laugh, cry and just have a blast!! She is my Frenchie, Fridgette, glittery elf, child, and always "happy as a clam", haha so many good times!!! LOVE HER!!!!! so HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY BRIGITTE!!!!!!!!!!! <3<3

Oh and only 4 more sleeps until MAINE!!!!!! :)



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