Chapter 44

My life for the entire summer has literally consisted of eating, sleeping and working. It officially SUCKS!!! I am actually excited for school to start in the fall so I will have something to do other than deal with annoying costumers. Honestly there are some pretty stupid costumers that come into my store...it is pretty frustrating.
This past saturday I was able to catch up with Meana, since we hadn't seen each other for a month. There was a lot of drama that happened over the past month, and it was so refreshing to vent to my best friend. Honestly she is such an amazing person, and I really don't think she understands how much I cherish her friendship.
Other than talking our mouths off, we watched Ferris Bueller's Day Off, classic!!! Totally one of my favourite movies, just sooo funny!!!
Since work has been my life, I have been rocking the "at home bun" pretty much everyday. Have you ever had those days when you get home and you have a full out photo shoot on your webcam by yourself? Well I totally just did...yeah my life has become pretty pathetic!

At least I only have 4 more shifts then I am off to....MAINE!!!!! If you haven't read my other posts, Maine is my home away from home. Every year my family goes to a one stop-sign town called Ocean Park, and it is the most beautiful place ever!!! I will be gone for 2 and a half weeks and I can't wait!!!

You all know I love Taylor Swift, well he single is amazing!!!!!



  1. That song is great!And cute shots:))
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