Chapter 40

Just over a year ago Vanity Fair did a photoshoot based on the classic musical West Side Story. I have been in love with the pictures ever since I saw them a year ago, and thought it was about time I shared them with you. Those of you who have not watched the movie, I very strongly suggest you do. It is definitely in my list of top 5 movies of all time!!

Here is the list of actors/actresses used in the shoot:

Camilla Belle as Maria (Bernardo's sister)
Ben Barnes as Tony (Riff's bestfriend)
Rodrigo Santoro as Bernardo (leader of the Sharks)
Jennifer Lopez as Anita (Bernardo's girlfriend)
Chris Evans as Riff (leader of the Jets)

The Sharks:
Jay Hernandez
Minka Kelly
Natalie Martinez
Brandon T. Jackson
Melonie Diaz

The Jets:
Sean Faris
Shane Lynch
Robert Pattinson
Cam Gigandet
Trilby Glover
Brittany Snow
Drake Bell



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