Chapter 36

This past weekend I spent in Palmyra, New York. Why might you ask I was doing there? Well I am LDS and every year for 2 weeks they have a performance (Hill Cumorah Pageant) that is on a beautiful hill. This year I got to go with not only my family, but my best friend Brigitte, and another close family friend, Emily (who prefers to spell it MLE...she's weird) We went down on the friday and took 8 hours, when it usually only takes 4 and half...we kind of got carried away at the outlets :) Unfortunately I did not bring any money so I wouldn't be tempted to spend. BUT while we were shoes shopping, Brigitte found these ADORABLE shoes for a steal...and we found them all in our sizes. Mle was sweet enough to buy me a pair, love her. They are pure leather and were originally $54.99 but were on clearance for only $15!!!!!!!!! Best purchase I have made in a long time...even though I technically did not pay for them :)

On the friday night we went to the pageant and sat in the same spot we have sat for years. The next night though Brigitte, Mle and I went a again and sat on the very front row on blankets. Even though I have seen the pageant every year of my entire life, it was SOOOOO much better up front!! Before it started we walked around and met a few guys that were so chill and talked for quite a while with. Mormon boys are my favourite, just saying.

Earlier that day we went to the Joseph Smith Farm, and walked around the sacred grove, where Brigitte and I had a mini photo-shoot. It is so beautiful there!!

On our last day we went to the top of hill Cumorah:

Straight after that we went to the temple. I just can't get over how beautiful it is there.

Once I got home I deleted over 100 "friends" on facebook. Just sick and tired oh having my news feed polluted with people that I don't care about, and are only interested in getting hammered every night...honestly get over yourselves.



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  1. I used to live in Belmont NY and I went there once. The performance was phenomenal. I loved it. I was sooo young though. I think I was like 9 or so.

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