Chapter 32

Yesterday was pretty much the best day of my life!! I was FINALLY able to go downtown (it had been WAY too long!) and bought some amazing horn rimmed glasses, and a mens red v-neck for Canada Day! I was very happy that I was able to have that much self control and not buy anything else. It was SO hard to watch my friend shop in American Apparel, and buy the most amazing outfit ever....and not be able to buy anything myself. Uh BUMMER!!!

After a few hours walking around the market, we met up with my friend Emily to go and find her friends who are in a band, Behind Sapphire. Let's me just say that they are my new favourite people!!! We chilled with them for a bit on Parliament and watched them busk and stuff, took some pictures/videos (on Emily's camera, I will post soon!). They are honestly the sweetest boys ever. They were here for a couple days on their Green Giant Tour. Here is there Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/behindsapphire, check it out!

After spending some time with them before they had to go to Toronto, Emily went to her place for a swim.



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