Chapter 30

You know it's summer when SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE is back!! Honestly this show is my life!!!!! I love American Idol and everything, but what I like more about SYTYCD is pretty much everyone who makes it on the show has talent...on American Idol that is not always what happens (ie: Paige Miles..) This season I have been SUPER excited for because both Billy Bell (heart) and Alex Wong were going to be competing again. SO HAPPY!!!! There have been quite a few changes this season and so far I must say that so far I am enjoying them: top 11 instead of top 20, Mia coming back as a permanent judge, and most importantly breing back contestants from past seasons to be dance partners with this season's competitors. I mean a whole group of my favourites are back: Kathryn, Twitch and OF COURSE....MARK!!!!!!!!!! He was by far my favourite from 2 seasons ago, and I am THRILLED that he is back. I just love his weirdness...pretty attractive.
ALthough it has only been the first week of the top 11 here are my favourites:
Cristina Santana
Alex Wong (he is amazing BUT he kind of bugs me...he is still on my list though because he is a breathtakingly beautiful dancer)
Robert Roldan
Billy Bell
and my absolute favourite: KENT BOYD!!!!!!! honestly I think I am in love with him...
As you can probably tell from my list, this is HANDS DOWN going to be a boy season! Which I don't mind, girl dancers kind of bug me.
For anyone who doesn't watch SYTYCD I STRONGLY advise you to! Rarely has there been a week were I have not been entertained, impressed and an emotional wreck. He is a taste of this season!!

Kent Boyd Top 11 performance:

Alex Wong Top 11 performance:

Billy Bell Top 11 performance: (I am a HUGE fan of Footloose, so I kind of died when I watched this performance!!)

I literally just finished watching the results from this week and I am pretty thrilled. My least favourite girl got voted off, Alexie Agdeppa. She was still a really good dancer, but I wanted other people to stay over her. Although I would have much preferred it if Adechike Torbert had gone home. He REALLY bugs me. Again really good dancer BUT he has NO EMOTION WHATSOEVER WHEN HE DANCES!!!! It is SOOOO aggravating!!! Like crack a smile, DO SOMETHING!!!! Oh well hopefully next week!!



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