Chapter 27

Ok so for about a year now I have been in love with this site, lookbook. I thought it was about time for me share some of my favourites looks. For those of you who don't know what site I am talking about, let me explain. Lookbook is a public website where everyday people post outfits from their closet for others to see. There are so many that have inspired me, and are just stunning. Here are my favourite looks:

LOOKBOOK.nu: "Floral leggings" by Sara Vanninen
LOOKBOOK.nu: "dylan's panama hat" by Genie Miller
LOOKBOOK.nu: "hearts on fire" by Genie Miller
LOOKBOOK.nu: "here comes the sun" by Johanna R
LOOKBOOK.nu: "Go ask Alice" by Mimi Sinnott
Check them out :)


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  1. wow perfect picks!! Ah i need to go shopping! heh!

    Cheers lovely!


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