Chapter 25

Whoa it has been a while! Pretty much my entire week has been uneventful. Work, work, work, oh and guess what?? MORE WORK! All I need to remember is that I am getting my money for school...hopefully that will get me through. Fortunately I have an amazing manager who gives me two days off every week which is nice. So this week I got the entire weekend off :) What did I do you may ask? Well my best friend and I, Meana, went downtown and were tourists for a day! Meana has been my best friend since the first of high school back in the day. She has been a major support for me and is just amazing!! Here is the link to her blog, check it out!!
So we decided, since we were both saving/broke we walked along the canal, the market and Rideau mall. My debit card was crying out to me...but I was strong and didn't spend a SINGLE penny..ok that's a lie I did have to buy diner at Subway...but that does NOT count! Still it was very hard for me to walk past all the boutiques downtown that had AMAZING sunglasses (here's a little fact about me: my weakness is sunglasses, i am obsessed! I am talking RIDICULOUSLY obsessed!) Here are a few pictures we took:

Meana and I both decided that we are in love with this sidewalk painter. He is INSANE!!

Now although I did not buy anything, I will confess that last week I bought 2 more t-shirts (buy one get one free. Total was $15..how could I not buy them!) and a pair of horn-rimmed fake nerdy glasses for $7, but I actually did NEED the glasses. I am going to the Taylor Swift concert this Thursday with my brother and she wanted her fans to wear nerdy glasses for her song "You Belong With Me". So I did it strictly for Taylor. OK yes that may be an excuse, BUT it is a valid one! Since I am working 5 days again this week (SURPRISE!) I am not going to be able to post that much. BUT this weekend is going to be eventful! One of my closest friends from high school, who I haven't hung out with since Canada Day, asked me to go to the Tulip Festival downtown on Friday (for those of you who don't know what it is, don't worry I will explain in an upcoming post) Then on Sunday a friend from Montreal is coming down and staying until Monday! So until then I will not be posting anything.



  1. loving these photos!
    love your blog, thanks for sharing!
    and thanks for the sweet comments


  2. Great shots, amazing scenery. I love the hat and boots.


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