Chapter 21

I'M HOME!!!! Without a doubt, I just spent the most amazingly relaxing weekend EVER!!! Nothing better than having no schedule and just tanning on the beach! Before I post my pictures I think I should first explain to you what being "tanned" is for me. OK so I am super faired/porcelain skinned so I never really go beautifully golden...instead I go lobster red which then shortly after fades to a tan. So don't judge my "lack of tan", which is present in these pictures. We stayed in the cutest bed and breakfast ever, The Billowhouse. It is right on the beach and we got to stay in the upstairs apartment that had a beautiful balcony that had an incredible view of the ocean.
OK let's have a little travelog of my trip to Ocean Park Maine....the most amazing place ever!!!

Day 1: driving through Vermont and New Hampshire...SNOW!!!!! Yeah what the heck??!!! As we were driving my entire family was freaking out, hoping that Maine wasn't going to be the same. We stayed the night in North Conway, in a ski lodge motel thingy, and shopped at the outlets a little bit the next morning.

Day 2: We arrive in Maine in the late afternoon and the weather is STUNNING....then it hales. Most random thing EVER!!!

Day 3: Pretty much just tanned and walked on the beach. Later in the day we went to the outlets in Freeport. And took some pictures at L.L. Bean (my best friend is obsessed with it)

Day 4: All day at the beach....SURPRISE!!! Here are pictures of the apartment:

Living room/my bedroom

Mom and Dad's room

Day 5: After church we went took some pictures at the train tracks and Biddeford Pool.

Day 5: Traveling home..stuck in Montreal for an hour and half. Stupid traffic. Most exhausting trip ever. It was an amazing trip but i just wanted to get home and sleep in my own bed.

Unfortunately because school fees are so gosh darn expensive, I barely spent any money. Kind of a bummer, but I need to save my money, even though it is painfully hard. So I got both Justin Bieber CDs (yes I know, I know..) a ridiculous alarm clock that is 50s themed and a really cute blouse from Target. (the one in the train track pictures) I wish that Canada had Target, their clothes are SO much better than Walmart and are designed by real designers...not Miley Cyrus *upchuck*
Sorry for the crapy webcam photos:

Sorry that this last post is kind of monstrous from all the photos, but hey that`s pretty much what I do in Maine. And for the heck of it, I am posting more pictures of the ocean!

Our balcony

The Billowhouse


Bekah xx

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  1. I seriously love your hair! The braid in front, perfect! Gorgeous photos!

    Cheers, Jesa


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