Chapter 11

Wow I haven't posted in SO long!!!!! My life for the past few weeks have pretty much been essays, work, studying, work, sleep, and more essays. It seems to never end!!! But there is hope on the horizon: summer!!!!! My last exam is only in a few short days and I can not wait!!!! I'll still be pretty busy with work, but I am so glad to be finally done my first year at university! All in all it was a pretty amazing year! I was thrown into an environment where I knew very few people (all my closest friends went to other schools, still in Ottawa but it's not the same), and was forced to break out of my comfort zone. I met a bunch of incredible people and have really become more comfortable with myself. I never was shy or lacked in confidence or anything, I just didn't really know who I was quite yet. I have received a greater appreciation for my friends and family, a crazy fascination with fashion, and tried new things. First year has definitely been life changing.

It has been ridiculously impossible to study the past week!! The weather has been mind blowingly beautiful; 23 degrees, not a cloud in sight...perfect tanning weather. And of course I have to be cooped up in my bedroom studying while everyone else is enjoying the weather. BUMMER!!!! BUT this weekend a friend of mine is coming down from Montreal and we are going downtown to parliament hill!!! AH so excited! The weather is going to be stunning! I`ll be able to wear my new sunglasses, shoes AND crazy owl necklace! Could not be happier right now!!

While I have been studying, and working, and writing essays, I have randomly come across an Indie duo who are AMAZING!!! They are called He Is We and wow their sound is awesome!!! It is completely stripped down, no techno stuff, just a girl, an acoustic and in a few songs some other accompaniment. They are definitely in my top 5 favourite groups!! Have a listen:



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