Chapter 17

I have had two amazing weekend in a row now!! UNREAL!!! Last weekend, as I mentioned in an earlier post, my friend from Montreal came down and this past weekend one of my best friends Brigitte spent the weekend at my place!! Friday night was pretty much a typical girls night; youtube, facebook and of course...WEBCAM! Yeah we are those type of girls who get together and take the most demented webcam pictures ever!! (you know the kind)

Then on Saturday we went downtown to go to Carleton University (Brigitte is going next semester and wanted me to give her a tour), and also to go shopping. Yeah I have quite a few friends who absolutely love going shopping with me for some reason, probably because I give an honest opinion on how stuff looks and because I am obsessed with shopping. Literally the past 5 months I have promised myself that I would not buy anything and that my paycheck would go straight into my savings account...yeah definitely did not happen! Oops! I still put money into savings, but only after I go shopping. I am actually not going to be able to spend one penny this summer, so I can pay for tuition (ew!)
But getting back to my shopping on spree on Saturday, I got two beautiful items from American Apparel. If I could marry a clothing store, I would hands down propose to AA. Yeah some of their clothing I cringe simply by looking at, but they also have the most amazing stuff. I love how they have the basics...in every single colour of the rainbow!! I just hate how they are ridiculously expensive! So here are the two items I purchased:




  1. You have the most amazing hair!! Super cute pics!

    Cheers, Jesa

  2. How fun!!! I love the pics of you two :D And you look super cute in that first outfit pic! I'm in love wiht the belt..

    and YES for more LDS bloggers!!!! ;)

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