Chapter 14

So I am officially done my first year in university! YAY!!! As I was waiting in anticipation to go into Alumni Hall to write my final exam (open book..pretty awesome) I was listening to Justin Bieber's "Baby". Yeah I know, I know LAME, but I am not going to lie I am kind of smitten with him after seeing his web short on funny or die, which was extremely hilarious! I mean come on this kid is from a little town Stratford in my home province of Ontario. Can I say REPRESENT??!!! I know he is a little boy but he is just adorable. And no I am not one of those creepily obsessed fan girls of his that cries over him (*cough* 3 year old youtube star *cough*), but I got to say he is growing on me. He is pretty precious.
Well I should probably stop rambling on about him now, or this post may end up just being on Bieber...so MOVING ON, I just love how I don't have any school work for 4 long months! HOORAY! I have not been this excited for summer in a LONG time!! It is quite an awesome feeling coming home and not knowing what to do. Watch a movie, read, play guitar, hmmm decisions, decisions. After a long 5 minutes I decided to watch SNLs documentary of the past decade. Well that was 2 hours of my life that was filled with stomach aching laughter, a good choice I think. So below I am posting a song that was on this weeks episode of Glee. It is a cover of Lionel Richie's "Hello". This version is sung by Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff, and the harmonies are so beautiful. HEART MELT!!!



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  1. I've never actually watched Glee, but it seems like a great show! :D



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