Chapter 13

So this weekend was the most AMAZING weekend ever!!!! A close friend of mine from Montreal, Derek, came down, and it was just so radtastic! On Saturday we went to Parliament Hill with our friends Laura and Tyler, to play frisbee and take some pictures. Well it turns out that frisbee is not one of my strong suits, it was pretty embarrassing, but Derek wasn't that good either so we just laughed the whole time. The day started off nice and sunny...then turned really grey and gross and SUPER windy! But we still enjoyed ourselves. We walked down by the locks and found the most random bridge that had this crazy graffiti. Honestly so perfect for pictures

I only have one exam left!!!! CELEBRATION!!!!! Gosh I am way too excited to be done. This year has literally FLOWN by!!!! AHH!!!! This upcoming weekend is going to be jammed packed with fun just like last week. Friday I have my last exam, then I am going on skype with Derek, THEN I have a church get together, and then one of best friends, Brigitte is sleeping over. The next day I am giving her a tour of Carleton, since she is coming next semester (SO EXCITED!!)



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