Chapter 20

OH MY GOSH MY TWENTIETH POST!!! Okay so yes I am a weirdo who finds this to be an accomplishment that deserves a celebration! What is my celebration? Skyping with a friend, reading and sleeping. Yep, sounds pretty hardcore I know, but to someone who has worked everyday and is POOPED OUT then this sounds amazing. And to me it does! I love my job and everything it's just wearing ballet flats 8 hours a day 5 days a week is excruciatingly painful! At least I have tomorrow off, as always. I think I am going to catch up on some sleep that I have been lacking this week. Sunday afternoon naps have got to be the best things EVER!!
I definitely just had the weirdest realization EVER the other day. This time last year I was freaking out about prom; buying my dress, finding a date and booking my appointment. It's weird because I know it has only been a year, but it seems like FOREVER AGO!! All the drama and the shallow, close minded people in high school definitely would put a downer on my day..but now I don't even have to see those people anymore, thank goodness :) So glad I have moved passed all that crap and don't worry about what others think. Yay for being my own person!
Well for my 20th entry I thought I would share my favourite blogs that I visit daily! Okay so here my top five list, some of them are very popular, but I really like reading through ones that aren't as well known:
1. Karla's Closet
2. Wearable Dreams
3. COSMICaroline
4. Clothed Much: A Fashion Blog
5. Fashion on Edge

These bloggers never disappoint. I love them all for very different ways, but every single one of them are so inspirational. Have a visit, and you never know, you might become hooked, like myself.


Chapter 19

You have probably noticed that I am in love with youtube! I love how you get any music and listen for free, and watch ridiculous/pointless videos (The pointless ones are definitely the most entertaining!) Eventually I want to make my own youtube channel, but for now I will just stick to my blog and facebook! So I thought if any of you were in need of a little pick-me-up today, I would post my favourite youtube videos that I can watch over and over and OVER again and still be bursting out laughing. They are all pretty famous, so I am sure most of you have seen them, but still you can't help but laugh while watching them!





Chapter 18

Well I have now been enjoying summer for an entire week so far!! I have pretty much been working everyday, but hey that leads to money in the bank. CH-CHING$!! Which reminds the mall where I work randomly put a whole bunch of couches all over the place. Like literally right in the middle of the hallway!! So on my break today I took my book and sat on the couch situated conveniently outside my store. Instead of reading I got quite easily distracted...Avatar was playing on 4 TVs in HMV which was right in front of me. Of course it wasn't the same not being in 3D and all, but still I could not look away. Pretty much made my day!

One thing that I always look forward to doing in the summer is...READING! I am mean obviously I read during the school year, but I am never able to devour a book. First on my reading list is "The Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series". So far I have read the first two novels of the five and I must say I am pretty impressed. They're no Harry Potter that's for sure, but I have learned that I just can't compared anything to Harry Potter, it is in a totally different league! Also on my reading list this summer is: The Maze Runner, and I am also going to try and reread The Uglies and Twilight series. I since I LOVE THEM! Now when it comes to Twilight, I am not one of those crazies who fantasizes about Edward (or Robert Pattinson..now that is just dirty! CRINGE!) or who wishes vampires existed, I just love the story. The whole crazy teenage AND middle aged women following has been a huge turn off for me. I still love them, but people really need lives, it's quite sad. So yeah I think I may reread them just to remind myself how good they really are.

Next week my family and I are going to the greatest place on this earth. Where might you ask is this wonderful place? OCEAN PARK MAINE!! It such a beautiful little town that hasn't changed in years! We stay on the main floor of this cottage that walks right out onto the beach. Pretty much it is always the same people that vacation there. Honestly just thinking about it right now gives me goosebumps! We have been going every year ever since I was...1 I think. the only time we haven't gone is when we go to England to visit my mom's family. We always the last 2 weeks before school starts, but this year my parents surprised my brother and I by booking a weekend right after exams AS WELL as our usual visit in August! So excited it is unbelievable! I have so many memories that will last a lifetime!!
Here are some pictures from last summer!

Home away from home

Favourite place <3




Chapter 17

I have had two amazing weekend in a row now!! UNREAL!!! Last weekend, as I mentioned in an earlier post, my friend from Montreal came down and this past weekend one of my best friends Brigitte spent the weekend at my place!! Friday night was pretty much a typical girls night; youtube, facebook and of course...WEBCAM! Yeah we are those type of girls who get together and take the most demented webcam pictures ever!! (you know the kind)

Then on Saturday we went downtown to go to Carleton University (Brigitte is going next semester and wanted me to give her a tour), and also to go shopping. Yeah I have quite a few friends who absolutely love going shopping with me for some reason, probably because I give an honest opinion on how stuff looks and because I am obsessed with shopping. Literally the past 5 months I have promised myself that I would not buy anything and that my paycheck would go straight into my savings account...yeah definitely did not happen! Oops! I still put money into savings, but only after I go shopping. I am actually not going to be able to spend one penny this summer, so I can pay for tuition (ew!)
But getting back to my shopping on spree on Saturday, I got two beautiful items from American Apparel. If I could marry a clothing store, I would hands down propose to AA. Yeah some of their clothing I cringe simply by looking at, but they also have the most amazing stuff. I love how they have the basics...in every single colour of the rainbow!! I just hate how they are ridiculously expensive! So here are the two items I purchased:



Chapter 16

So the past month I have been using the amazing youtube channel to learn songs on my guitar, and about 2 weeks ago I came across these guys that are AMAZING!!! Not only did one of them post a really good tutorial on Taylor Swift's "Today was a Fairytale", but they sing a whole bunch of covers in acoustic!!! Songs that I never thought would sound good acoustic, well they definitely proved me wrong!! Their name...KOVER BOYS!! (I thought that was cute) Here are a couple of their songs that I LOVE!!!

Kelly Clarkson "My Life Would Suck Without You":

Taylor Swift "White Horse":





Chapter 15

Well one of my many favourite award shows took place last night....THE ACADEMY OF COUNTRY MUSIC AWARDS!!!! Yeah country music has definitely played a very important part in my love for music! I love how there are millions of songs that tell stories; making you cry, laugh and relate to. Honestly I can't even number the amount of country songs that I listen to and I am like: "Wow that is pretty much my life..." I'm so ecstatic that it has come back into style, although I have been a die hard fan my entire life. As Barbara Mandrell and George Jones so beautifully put it: "I was country before country was cool."
Anyways the awards last night!!! There were some surprises...and some disappointments. First my favourite country duo, Sugarland, didn't even perform. Ok what is wrong the academy of country music??! Uh they are kind of a big deal and they didn't even get to perform. NOT happy about that, but then again there were some awards winners that definitely made up for the absence of Jennnifer Nettles and Christian Bush. Well let me start with Lady Antebellum. They literally SWEEPED the awards!!! Every single award they were nominated for they won!!! I am so proud of them, they is just something special about seeing artist that you have seen live win an award. It's like their my babies!!
Next, Miranda Lambert FINALLY won Female Vocalist of the year!! Pretty sure that was the highlight of the entire award show! I don't know how many years she has been nominated, but this was definitely her year to win it! I mean come on she was up against: Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, and Reba Mcentire (and technically Leann Womack, but honestly they nominated her just because there was no one else.) Then she won Album of the year!! GO MIRANDA!!!!!! But some stupid technician person cut her producer off when he was in the middle of giving his acceptance speech. Let's just say that Miranda might be "Goin' home gonna load her shotgun, wait by the door and light a cigarette" Yeah the entire audience "boo-d" them...along with my brother and I.
SO performance-wise it was pretty good. Brad Paisley falling into a pool of water, Taylor Swift flying over the audience, and most memorable would have to be Brooks and Dunn's final ACM awards performance. Well another problem with the microphones. Ronnie Dunn's mic was terribly quiet, I could barely hear him singing the classic song: "My Maria". Anther disappointment, but hey I'm not bitter.
And the anticipated winner of entertainer of the year....CARRIE UNDERWOOD!!! I much rather would like to have seen Brad Paisley, or Kenny Chesney win (seen them both in concert) but I am still happy for Carrie!! She is an amazing singer...and I am sure entertainer. Must say that I loved her little shout-out to fiance Mike Fisher! Dang RIGHT!!!
So I thought I would show you all my favourite dresses from the night. They are pretty fabulous!
the stunning Hilary Scott (Lady Antebellum)...
...my favourite singer Jennifer Nettles (Sugarland)...
...the talented Carrie Underwood...
...and the beautiful Taylor Swift





Chapter 14

So I am officially done my first year in university! YAY!!! As I was waiting in anticipation to go into Alumni Hall to write my final exam (open book..pretty awesome) I was listening to Justin Bieber's "Baby". Yeah I know, I know LAME, but I am not going to lie I am kind of smitten with him after seeing his web short on funny or die, which was extremely hilarious! I mean come on this kid is from a little town Stratford in my home province of Ontario. Can I say REPRESENT??!!! I know he is a little boy but he is just adorable. And no I am not one of those creepily obsessed fan girls of his that cries over him (*cough* 3 year old youtube star *cough*), but I got to say he is growing on me. He is pretty precious.
Well I should probably stop rambling on about him now, or this post may end up just being on Bieber...so MOVING ON, I just love how I don't have any school work for 4 long months! HOORAY! I have not been this excited for summer in a LONG time!! It is quite an awesome feeling coming home and not knowing what to do. Watch a movie, read, play guitar, hmmm decisions, decisions. After a long 5 minutes I decided to watch SNLs documentary of the past decade. Well that was 2 hours of my life that was filled with stomach aching laughter, a good choice I think. So below I am posting a song that was on this weeks episode of Glee. It is a cover of Lionel Richie's "Hello". This version is sung by Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff, and the harmonies are so beautiful. HEART MELT!!!




Chapter 13

So this weekend was the most AMAZING weekend ever!!!! A close friend of mine from Montreal, Derek, came down, and it was just so radtastic! On Saturday we went to Parliament Hill with our friends Laura and Tyler, to play frisbee and take some pictures. Well it turns out that frisbee is not one of my strong suits, it was pretty embarrassing, but Derek wasn't that good either so we just laughed the whole time. The day started off nice and sunny...then turned really grey and gross and SUPER windy! But we still enjoyed ourselves. We walked down by the locks and found the most random bridge that had this crazy graffiti. Honestly so perfect for pictures

I only have one exam left!!!! CELEBRATION!!!!! Gosh I am way too excited to be done. This year has literally FLOWN by!!!! AHH!!!! This upcoming weekend is going to be jammed packed with fun just like last week. Friday I have my last exam, then I am going on skype with Derek, THEN I have a church get together, and then one of best friends, Brigitte is sleeping over. The next day I am giving her a tour of Carleton, since she is coming next semester (SO EXCITED!!)




Chapter 12

Here are a few pieces that I have fallen in love with from Forever 21 and ModCloth:

Mmmmm, I want summer...




Chapter 11

Wow I haven't posted in SO long!!!!! My life for the past few weeks have pretty much been essays, work, studying, work, sleep, and more essays. It seems to never end!!! But there is hope on the horizon: summer!!!!! My last exam is only in a few short days and I can not wait!!!! I'll still be pretty busy with work, but I am so glad to be finally done my first year at university! All in all it was a pretty amazing year! I was thrown into an environment where I knew very few people (all my closest friends went to other schools, still in Ottawa but it's not the same), and was forced to break out of my comfort zone. I met a bunch of incredible people and have really become more comfortable with myself. I never was shy or lacked in confidence or anything, I just didn't really know who I was quite yet. I have received a greater appreciation for my friends and family, a crazy fascination with fashion, and tried new things. First year has definitely been life changing.

It has been ridiculously impossible to study the past week!! The weather has been mind blowingly beautiful; 23 degrees, not a cloud in sight...perfect tanning weather. And of course I have to be cooped up in my bedroom studying while everyone else is enjoying the weather. BUMMER!!!! BUT this weekend a friend of mine is coming down from Montreal and we are going downtown to parliament hill!!! AH so excited! The weather is going to be stunning! I`ll be able to wear my new sunglasses, shoes AND crazy owl necklace! Could not be happier right now!!

While I have been studying, and working, and writing essays, I have randomly come across an Indie duo who are AMAZING!!! They are called He Is We and wow their sound is awesome!!! It is completely stripped down, no techno stuff, just a girl, an acoustic and in a few songs some other accompaniment. They are definitely in my top 5 favourite groups!! Have a listen:



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