Chapter 10

Well my dad has had an acoustic guitar ever since I can remember, and it's been sitting in our basement for years and hasn't been touched in nearly a decade!! Anyway, I have always wanted to learn how to play the guitar, so two weeks ago I bring it up to my room, and it hasn't left since! First thing I did was go on youtube and type in "easy guitar songs tutorial", and what comes up? Journey's Don't Stop Believing!!!! I freaked out, grabbed my guitar and attempted to play it...well since it hasn't been played in years it was ridiculously out of tune!! That Sunday i ask my dad to tune it, since we have a piano, and SUCCESS!! It still isn't perfect, we need to get new strings, but for now it is amazing!!!
The next day I get home from University, run upstairs and start to play the intro to Don't Stop Believing, and well I AM IN LOVE!!!!! I told you all in my last post that I love to sing, well I can not wait to become better and better and be able to sing while playing the guitar. Watch out Taylor Swift, Rebekah Wagner is moving on up! :)


Chapter 9

I have never told any of you, but I am a MAJOR broadway musical fan! Singing and acting AND dancing is just everything that I love rolled into one performance! My favourite by far would have to be The Phantom of the Opera. I've seen it twice and both times I have cried. Yes I know I am a very emotional person, especially when it comes to musicals. I was the little girl who would dress up and play Christine for hours at a time in bedroom. Yeah I was a little strange like that..Honestly if I ever played Christine, my life could literally end I would be completely satisfied. Just thinking about it gives me goosebumps. BRRR!!

ANYWAYS..Andrew Lloyd Webber has been working on the sequel: Love Never Dies, for a while now, and a few months ago he released a press launch, where he premiered one of the songs. Then I few months later another song. I fell in love immediately, well I guess I am pretty biased since The Phantom of the Opera is my life. WELL on Tuesday the soundtrack was released. My brother bought it and has taken it when he has gone out, just so happens to be the same time that I was planning on listening to it. Well I finally have downloaded it on my Ipod, and was able to listen to it for the first time today. And....AMAZING!!!!!! I don't want to say something in case there is anyone who hasn't heard it, but WOW! It is very different, and obviously could never outdo The Phantom of the Opera, but I am very, VERY impressed! Job well done Webber, job well done!

Andrew Lloyd Webber with Sierra Boggess (Christine Daae) and Ramin Karimloo (the Phantom)

The original Phantom and Christine, Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman

Chapter 8

I still can not believe that Alexander Mcqueen is dead. Something that I don't think I will fully recover from. Here are a few designs from his fall/winter 2010 collection. Everything single creation is a masterpiece!! We miss you, Mcqueen!


Chapter 7

Here are just a few of my favourite dresses that were worn to the Oscars Sunday:




Chapter 6

Sorry I haven't posted anything for a long time. The Olympics pretty much were my life for two weeks, along with a couple essays, blahh. So...THE OLYMPICS!! I know I am a little biased, since they happened in my home country, but I must say that Vancouver 2010 were the most amazing olympics EVER! Something happened in our country that I have never seen before, unity. I even watched sports that I usually am not a fan of, like curling and hockey, but it was worth it to see us get Gold! So I am a pretty emotional girl and cry quite easily but when CTV did a montage of a whole bunch of Canadian medallist, I bawled my face off!! Apparently montages are the death of me.
On a little bit of a lighter note, I don't know how many of you watched American, Evan Lysacek skate the mens long and short program, but it was magical. And to top it all of he was wearing Vera Wang designs every time! And let me tell you they were

It so sad to think that the Olympics are actually over, it's pretty depressing. Honestly what am I going to do with my life now? So here's to making history again Canada!!

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