Age: 8 months

Weight: 18 lbs

Sleep: Another rough, rough month of sleeping. Sleep regression plus teething means we're all getting very little sleep. His 4 top teeth are all coming at the same time, so fingers crossed they poke through soon. There have been some nights were he wakes up 6-7 times. It's just been a nightmare. Luckily he's happy and chill during the day, because the nights are just really really hard.

Feeding: It took him a few weeks, but he's finally eating solids. His favourites include anything mango and banana flavoured, along with vanilla blueberry puffs. He doesn't nurse that often since transiting to solids, which has been nice for me.

Clothing: He's still in 6-12 months, but they are getting a little tight so we will be transitioning his clothes to 12-18 months.

Movement: He's not crawling yet, but boy can this kid move. He is constantly rolling around and scouting himself backwards on his belly. He's become quite the little explorer and it's so cute!

Likes: He absolutely loves cuddling with Calvin, and just wants to be a part of anything he is doing.

Dislikes: He's not a fan of the PC purees for some reason. Of course he prefers the more expensive Hienz ones ;)


Age: 7 months

Sleep: This past month has been the worst with his sleep. Both Calvin and Asher have never slept as horribly as Asher has this past month. He's in a lot of pain from teething, and won't even take a soother. The only thing that will comfort him is nursing, which has been really rough on me and my sleep. We also transitioned him to a new swaddle last week which has his arms near his face that also may have something to do with his sleeping patterns.

Feeding: We started him on solids at the beginning of last month and it took him a long time to get used to it. The first 2 weeks he hated solids. He'd make this disgusted look and lean as far away as he possibly could to avoid the spoon. He's gotten a little better the past week, but he still doesn't each much solids. He's also been wanting to nurse every couple hours at night to soothe, but my milk supply is really low right now, so he gets frustrated that it takes a long time for my milk to let down. I'm thinking we may need to transition him to formula if it becomes more of an issue.

Clothing: He's still in 6-12 months and size 3 diapers

Movement: He's sitting up all by himself now, but hasn't really starting moving around on the floor yet.

Likes: (1) Watching Calvin play and run around. (2) He's such a social butterfly and loves meeting new people

Dislikes: Any puree with vegetables in it.

Other: On January 12th he got his first tooth, and his second started to peek through on January 30th. I'm hoping his sleep will improve since we're pretty sure his lack of sleep is because of teething.


I have had the past 3 monthly updates for Asher sitting in my drafts for months!! They've all be written up, I just kept forgetting to publish them!!! haha

Age: 6 months

Sleep: We had a pretty rough patch for about 2-3 weeks. His teeth were really bothering him so he would be up every 2 hours to feed, and sometimes would wake up at 11 and be up until 1am. Luckily Alex and I decided to watch Stranger Things, so we were up binge watching anyway ;) His sleep the past week has been much better. Down at 7, feed at 11, feed at 3, up at 8.

Feeding: He's a real distracted feeder. I have to go into his room alone in order to get feeds in. Luckily he doesn't feed too often, so it's not a big issue. I just feed him before he takes his naps. He's not all that interested in solids yet.

Clothing: He's still in 6-12 months, but he is now in size 3 diapers.

Movement: (1) On Christmas Eve he rolled over for the first time, and he's been doing it non stop ever since (2) This kid is always moving. When he's being held, he sways, jumps, and kicks. I'm horrified once he starts crawling, pretty sure my life is going to be go, go, go.

Likes: (1) He is still loving his excersaucer

Dislikes: I don't mean to sound annoying, but he is such a happy baby, he doesn't really get upset. Only if he's tired. Even when he's teething, he doesn't cry, he just can't sleep. It's been so nice!

Other: He makes this hilarious noise that sounds like a growl/something out of a horror movie.



Age: 5 months

Sleep: His sleep is still a little hit and miss, but most nights he sleeps from 7pm-1am, feeds, sleeps from 1am-6am and then back down again until about 8:30-9.

Feeding: He goes a bit longer between feeds during the day. Usually about 5-6 hours.

Clothing: We had another growth spurt this month. He's now in 6-12, but still in size 2 diapers.

Movement: He is constantly moving. When he's being held he is always jumping up and down, or kicking his legs if he's sitting down. He's not the biggest fan of tummy time, but he is getting stronger, not at the rolling stage yet though.

Likes: (1) He is obsessed with his excersaucer! He spends most of his day bouncing around in it. (2) He also loves Calvin. He thinks he just so funny, and their relationship is so sweet! (3) Lately Calvin has been "reading" him stories and there is one line in a Thomas the Train book that makes him laugh every time: "Hello Busted boiler!" It's absolutely hilarious, and I definitely whip it out randomly throughout the day to hear his little giggle.

Dislikes: For the most part he's been pretty chill lately, but he isn't a fan of loud, unexpected noises.

Other: His two bottom teeth are so close to coming through. He's been so drooly the past few weeks.

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