Plants are friends, and friends are plants.

I've always been a big fan of fake plants. Like number one fan, kind of fan. Every time I try to keep a plant going (even those sinking cute succulents), they die on me. I'll be doing everything right and it still never works out in my favour....or their favour either I guess? So I now stick to what I know works for me, and that is my fake plants. They're dependable, they last forever, and all I have to do to take care of them is dust them now and again. I mean that's pretty awesome and requires very little effort on my part. 



Back in January I blogged about how I wanted my word for 2017 to be simplicity. One of the main areas I wanted to focus on was my makeup collection. As much as I love makeup, I realized that I had way too much. I've slowly been downsizing and keeping products that are actually good for my skin and don't make me feel like I am hiding behind layers of unnecessary product. 

Back in high school and university I used to wear so much makeup! When I look back at pictures I cringe at how much I didn't look like me. The older I get, the more I understand the phrase: less is more. When it comes to my beauty routine, I couldn't agree more. 


DIY mudcloth pillow

For months I have been drooling over mudcloth pillow cases. The only problem is that they are super expensive, which is understandable since they are imported from Africa. Eventually I would love a genuine one since Africa holds a special place in my husband's heart, but for now I decided to make my own. This diy is my kind of diy for two reasons: (1) cheap, and (2) easy. 

I was so impressed with how my first one turned out, I decided to make another one and share the steps I took so you can make your own too!


Monthly Favourites | February 2017

I thought it was about time that I uploaded my February Favourites! I know it's almost April, but to be fair I did film and edit this video 2 weeks ago. There's just been a lot of sickness in our family and I lost track of time! With all being said, it is finally up!! What products have you been loving this month?

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