Age: 5 months

Sleep: His sleep is still a little hit and miss, but most nights he sleeps from 7pm-1am, feeds, sleeps from 1am-6am and then back down again until about 8:30-9.

Feeding: He goes a bit longer between feeds during the day. Usually about 5-6 hours.

Clothing: We had another growth spurt this month. He's now in 6-12, but still in size 2 diapers.

Movement: He is constantly moving. When he's being held he is always jumping up and down, or kicking his legs if he's sitting down. He's not the biggest fan of tummy time, but he is getting stronger, not at the rolling stage yet though.

Likes: (1) He is obsessed with his excersaucer! He spends most of his day bouncing around in it. (2) He also loves Calvin. He thinks he just so funny, and their relationship is so sweet! (3) Lately Calvin has been "reading" him stories and there is one line in a Thomas the Train book that makes him laugh every time: "Hello Busted boiler!" It's absolutely hilarious, and I definitely whip it out randomly throughout the day to hear his little giggle.

Dislikes: For the most part he's been pretty chill lately, but he isn't a fan of loud, unexpected noises.

Other: His two bottom teeth are so close to coming through. He's been so drooly the past few weeks.



Age: 4 months

Weight: 15 lbs 

Sleep: His nights were a little hit and miss for this month. He's been starting the teething process, so his sleep has been affected from it. He has one big nap during Calvin's quiet time, which gives me some nice alone time.

Feeding: During the day he goes anywhere from 2-4 hours between feeds.

Clothing: Jumped up to 6-9 month, but still in size 2 diapers

Movement: He's definitely more of a mover than Calvin was, but he still isn't all to interested in rolling over yet.

Likes: Being held. We had a real rough patch where Alex was working all night shifts and after his nap, Asher would only want to be held. It made things pretty difficult since I needed to get Calvin dinner and ready for bed, etc. Because he has started teething, he has been loving sucking on things. He also discovered his hands and is either sucking on them or staring at them. They're very intriguing to him!

Dislikes: Like I mentioned above, evenings are a little rough, and he's has a love/hate relationship with his excersaucer. He usually lasts about 15 minutes, then wants to be held again.

Other: We finally took him to the doctor to get his vaccinations. He's growing at a great rate!


So I am the worst at staying on top of these updates! I've been taking his pictures every month, but haven't sat down and documented things. These next 2 updates were written when he was 5 months, so my memory is pretty bad on certain details, but I will try my best to fill everything out haha!

Age: 3 months

Sleep: Since moving into his room he's been sleeping pretty good. Up a couple of times a night

Feeding: He's not the biggest fan of feeding on the right for some reason. I've had to adjust to the football hold in order for him to stay latched and eat.

Clothing: Still in 0-3 clothes, and size 2 diapers

Movement: He really loves standing on laps and looking around at everyone/everything. He really doesn't like being on his tummy, so there hasn't been any progress with his strength there.

Likes: He is SO social! He constantly wants to be held and engaged with.


Other: We transferred him into his crib/room shortly after coming home from Maine. It has been so nice to have our room back again! He really doesn't get too bother with foods now. Not nearly as gassy as he was the first 2 months.



Age: 2 months

Sleep: The past week he's been going to bed around 8pm and doesn't wake up until 6:30-7:00am to feed. It's been absolutely amazing! He's still sleeping in the bassinet, but we'll probably be transitioning him to his crib in a couple weeks.

Feeding: His feeding has improved a lot as well. He goes about 3-4 hours betweens feeds during the day and he has become much more efficient. He usually feeds for 10-15 minutes. Since starting to smile, he is constantly unlatching just to talk and laugh. I just love when they get to the phase where they recognize you and start to engage more.

Clothing: He's starting to get a little big for 0-3 and is wearing 3-6 more. He's also up to size 2 diapers.

Movement: He's getting stronger and stronger everyday. Still not a fan of tummy time, but he holds his head up steady now.

Likes: Mornings. Every morning he wakes up so happy! He's a little chatterbox, it's the perfect thing to wake up to.

Dislikes: As I mentioned in last months update, he can get pretty gassy now and again. We've noticed that it is the worst if I have tortellini. I've had it twice since he's been born and he's been in a lot of pain because of it, so no more tortellini for me it looks like.

Other: We went to Maine last week, and he was such an amazing traveler! We only had to stop twice (both ways), which made for a very smooth trip for all of us. He also loved being on the beach and took a few naps in my parent's beach tent.

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